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Following are excerpts from several testimonials by clients of Profit Margins, Inc.:

clients say Profit Margins delivers great fulfillment consulting

".As a dominant provider of fulfillment services in the Direct Response Industry, I have the privilege of working with some of the top product management marketing companies.  Some of my clients, including myself, have chosen to retain Marge Groves as they have found her to be an effective bridge in transferring the marketing concepts of a client into a tangible and effective strategy in fulfillment and customer service.

"Her experienced understanding of the fulfillment industry coupled with her extensive experience on the marketing side of the business, means that form can meet function in architecting the most effective direct response program.

"The immediate ROI evident from improvements in areas such as our returns processing and data entry efficiency coupled with service standard improvements in areas such as customer service, declined order management, etc. make Marge's visits always welcome. Combine this with organized and thoughtful interaction with my associates, and you create an environment where employees become excited, motivated, and participative in the challenge to improve."

Ken Wiseman
New Roads
Pacoima, CA

".She (Marge) is an excellent problem solver, has a quick grasp of details and clerical functions. She is very knowledgeable in computer applications, bar coding, scanning and a good mind for systems applications. Obviously, Marge has hands on experience in all forms of customer service, order processing, shipping, billing, crediting, UPS claims management and all the related management control processes.."

Thomas R. Fogarty
Roy Thomas Inc.
Schaumburg, IL

".For the past four years, my current company (which is a direct response marketer) has utilized and heavily relied upon Marge's consulting services for operational controls and cost savings. Marge has been instrumental in helping our company implement operational controls in all areas of the business.

"To date Marge's operational controls, together with negotiations on our behalf and her firms' cost cutting advice have saved this company substantial sums that are well into seven figures.

"Overall, I have found Marge to be a solid professional and a 'team player.' She has a solid understanding of all business concepts including but not limited to: operations; customer service; fulfillment; accounting and management information systems. She is easy to work with, and can be both firm and flexible when she needs to be. She has shown us strong negotiating skills when negotiating fulfillment and other contracts on our behalf."

"I highly recommend the services of Marge Groves, because consultants as valuable as she is, are difficult to find."

Russell Smith
Chief Financial Officer
Unified Precious Metals
Westlake Village, CA

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