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Test Orders

"Profit Margins has been doing test orders for us since 2001. Of course, like all good marketing companies, we do our own in-house test orders. Quite honestly, I didn't expect this service to be as highly beneficial as it's turned out to be. As we expand and grow our business we try new processors, new packaging, new shipping methods.

By using Profit Margins to regularly test our entire customer experience - from the initial contact (be that in the mail, on the phone or on the Internet) we continually get meaningful feedback and helpful suggestions. The payback on this integral service has been phenomenal."
---Donna Pereira, Director of Systems & Operations, Allstar Marketing, New York

What This Service Provides:
Testing mail order shipping timeOur clients love what we uncover for them. We tell you what’s REALLY happening. This comprehensive service includes:

  • Checking the processing/shipping & billing timing
  • Review packaging (and condition of goods shipped)
  • Check the credit card descriptors and make suggestions (understandable, clear descriptors reduce customer service calls and chargebacks)
  • Test customer service to ensure they are delivering an excellent customer experience! Customer Service is a reflection of YOUR brand!
  • Test the return process for ease of use and appropriate refunding
  • Write a thorough report on your operation from the customer’s point of view – what’s working great and where improvements are needed.

Why Do It:
Our clients hire us for this service to see their business through the eyes of their customers. They retain us for years because of what we uncover for them. This simple service has been the gateway to uncovering many processing improvements and efficiencies.

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SEE YOUR BUSINESS THROUGH YOUR CUSTOMER'S EYES. And if you don't like what you see, we'll also help you fix it!