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“Save the Order” –
Saving Incomplete Orders

"Profit Margins 'Save the Order' work for MBM has saved us well over $100,000 in the first six months -- and that's AFTER deducting all of their costs. The orders they are saving for us have a low retail value, but are the doorway to our continuity clubs. So the actual $20,000/month is just the beginning of savings.

Outsourcing this work to Profit Margins was a brilliant business decision. They save us money. We focus on our core business. Simple and very, very profitable. I highly recommend Profit Margins' Save the Order program."
--- Ed Cooper, MBM, Chicago

What This Service Provides :

Our ‘save the order’ program gets the information required to process otherwise unprocessable orders. Did you know that 5% of mailed in orders are missing some info and sending a form letter MAY save 15% of these incomplete orders.

Why do it?

Historically we have been able to save 60% of orders, saving our clients money even AFTER our costs. Since 2001 we’ve handled 514,051 orders for clients – it’s a core competency of ours. Our clients have netted $6,808,406 in profit AFTER paying us. We’ve worked many years to get these results and would LOVE to give you the same savings to your bottom line!

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