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Processor Evaluations

"Profit Margins guided me in TOTALLY revamping our returns processing for us (client is a Fortune 100 retail/mailorder company.) Since we had started out as a small company, our processes were manual. That worked fine when we were small, but Marge showed us what our lack of automation was REALLY costing us. Then she helped us become state-of-the-art by scanning in our returns and eliminating double handling. Marge and I both like to "do it once and do it right." This change in our return handling had a very positive effect on our profitability.

But that wasn't all Profit Margins did. Marge also created a team Process Flow and designed reports that worked for all departments. Again, she eliminated duplicate work. Result? A happier, more motivated team, better results for us and our clients, and an even healthier bottom line. Profit Margins lives up to their name - they helped us increase ours!"
---Marta Duffy, Tripar, Roselle, IL

Our operational reviews often have dramatic results. Would an ROI of 1000% be attractive to you? That’s what several of our recent clients have netted – ten times their investment.

We have honed our Processor Checklist over the years. We thoroughly review all aspects of direct marketing operations – order entry, fulfillment, customer service, reporting. Whether you are a processor desiring to improve efficiencies and increase your bottom line, or a marketing company evaluating processors with whom to do business, our in-depth knowledge of the operational side of this business can have a huge payoff for you.

Once we’re done reviewing, you may find you want to outsource some functions to us. We do that too. Profit Margins, Inc. gives you the edge by relieving your team of critical and time-sensitive functions. When you are experiencing tremendous growth or turnover, Profit Margins brings immediate relief with our highly experienced team.

Our goal is to create an efficient fulfillment operation taking advantage of our 30 years of hands-on experience in managing the operations of direct marketing companies. Here are some of the processes we employ.

We identify specific processes that should be improved - or eliminated. We seek to find those wasteful areas of task duplication and totally streamline the process.

We also can create a personalized, detailed Operations Manual for you. We have a detailed template developed over years of experience that makes it easy for us to ask you the right questions, get your current materials and turn them into a living operations manual that can guide your current staff and be used for training new team members.

Our one-day on-site processor evaluation uncovers opportunities for changes that can dramatically affect your bottom line. We uncover issues. And we can help you fix them.

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Our goal for your operation: "Do it once and do it right." Are you ready to be Marginized®?