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Customer Service Monitoring,
Training and Scripts

Customer Service Satisfaction

"Customer service is important to us. We want satisfied customers. And we want a healthy bottom line. One of the ways we work towards achieving that fine balance, is by having Profit Margins regularly monitor each of our processors (we have several) and report back to us on what they find. Not only do they report what is working and what is not.

They also suggest specific changes we can make to ensure that our customers are satisfied and that our call length stays within our guidelines. Based on what we've learned from their monitoring, we've hired Profit Margins to train our outsourced call center and to provide scripting. The end result? More satisfied customers, shorter calls, fatter bottom line. Simple. And very affordable. We've used Profit Margins to help us improve our customer service since 2003 and we suggest you do, too."
---Donna Pereira, Director of Systems & Operations, Allstar Marketing, New York

We will evaluate your Customer Service with the goal of:

  • Saving you money by reducing call length when possible
  • Implement “one call resolution” reducing customer repeat calls
  • Delivering the customer experience you expect
  • We also handle escalated customer service, BBB and Attorney General Complaints on your behalf

Working with customer service repsDirect marketing fulfillment works on razor-sharp profit margins. This success rests on creating an empowered and efficient Customer Service Team.

Here is how we work with your
Customer Service Reps:

  • Call monitoring. This is another powerful way to see the world through your customer’s eyes. Here’s what our customer service specialist will do:
    • Listen randomly 1 hour a week to a variety of your agents and shifts to observe what’s happening now.
    • Evaluate phone reports to determine service levels
    • Review people to assess training needs
    • Assess phone quantity and quality
    • We give you your customer’s view of your operation
    • We will suggest specific strategies to improve based on your objectives
  • Perform employee training to role play common scenarios, business policies and practice one-call resolution.
  • Provide written scripts for common call scenarios to ensure consistency and accuracy
  • Develop reporting procedures and monitor service levels

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With 40 years of experience, we have found that improving and simplifying Customer Service is the fastest most effective way to turn Customer Service operations into a winner. Are you ready to be Marginized®?