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Cost and
Profit Analysis

Knowing it by the numbers

mail order fulfillment accountingIn our years of working in the direct marketing fulfillment industry, it is remarkable how many of our clients don’t know either their cost per order or what their cost per order should be.

Areas of focus include order processing; customer service; fulfillment, telemarketing, shipping and telephone etiquette.

Before you can start making improvements, you must find answers to this crucial information. Profit Margins carefully evaluates those areas where the most time is being spent and we tailor custom spreadsheets to effectively analyze what you are paying and what you should be paying to process orders.

Here’s how we modernize your
profit and cost analysis function:
  • You submit all your order processing and fulfillment invoices to us.
  • We construct custom spreadsheets broken down by a number of criteria and provide analysis.
  • On an on-going basis we update, review and question what we believe are overcharges.
  • We provide monthly and annual reports for valuable snapshot analysis.
Shipping cost evaluations and savings
  • We will evaluate what you are currently paying for shipping and determine if we can save you money on shipping costs.
Forensic evaluation:
  • Utilize The Marginator's DR industry experience to solve operational issues.
  • Review of your cost per order and customer service levels to determine areas you can save money.
  • Process flow review to determine areas to be "tightened up" for a good customer experience.
  • Test your current order process and give you the real scoop on what's happening to your customers.
Phone costs evaluations and savings
  • We will evaluate what you are currently paying for your Customer Service costs and determine if we can save you money.
  • Evaluate your current Customer Service levels (Average Speed of Answer, Abandon Rate, Average Talk Time) to determine if they are within industry standards.

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Despite clients who have carefully engineered efficiencies into their operations, many are surprised — even shocked — when Profit Margins uncovers overpayments for unneeded services. Cost and profit analysis is a dynamic process. It needs continual probing and updating. Get ready to be Marginized®.