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Chargeback Reversal

"I'm a bottom-line kind of guy. I'm always looking for ways to increase our profit margins. That's why I like having Profit Margins, Inc. work on chargeback reversals for us. They make it easy for me to be a hero - they've reversed 67% of our chargebacks this year! With an average of nearly 900 chargebacks/month, they're saving us big money. And --- our return on investment is 257%! This is like found money. I highly recommend Profit Margins, Inc. Chargeback Reversal service.
--- Jeff Driskill, Controller - National Consumer Marketing, New York

What this service provides:

Are you hit with a lot of chargebacks from clients? Our chargeback reversal rate is routinely 60%. If you are not getting that currently, we may be able to provide you with cost savings.

Our CPA reviews all current outstanding chargebacks and reverses all that are reversible. We will also review your descriptors and suggest changes that may cut down on your chargebacks.

Why do it:

Historically we have been able to reverse 60% of chargebacks, saving our clients money even AFTER our costs. With over 394,238 chargebacks handled since 2001, saving our clients over $13,931,311, reversing chargebacks is another one of the ways we routinely help our clients increase their bottom line.


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CHARGEBACKS CAN ERODE YOUR PROFITS and endanger your standing with your credit card processing company. We can help reduce your chargebacks!