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About Our Team

Profit Margins, Inc., provides a top-flight team
of direct marketing and fulfillment specialists:

Marge Groves
Marge Groves - Creator of
"The Marginator®" Services

Marge Groves

is Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Profit Margins, Inc. She has 40 years of hands-on experience in the direct marketing industry. More than 20 of those years were spent as Senior Vice President of Operations for a direct marketing syndicator (RTI). She is the developer of the exclusive "Marginator®" operational consulting services for the direct marketing industry.

Marge brings the following executive skills to your team:

    Strategic Business Consulting for:
    • Order Processing
    • Inbound order taking
    • Customer Service
    • Fulfillment
    Operational Consulting – evaluation of
    • Order processing
    • Customer Service
    • Fulfillment
    • Training & Standard Operating Procedures
    Marginator Solutions
    • Recovery of undeliverable and delivery exception shipments
    • Fraud prevention - over the limit orders reviewed and verified to insure "good" orders are processed!

Profit Margins looks at your business as a partnership and designs solutions that have proven track records for clients.  Our objective is to make you the best you can be.

Profit Margins is a Payment Card Industry (PCI)

Compliant Service Provider

PCI Service Provider Compliant Letter

Profit Margins is certified as a Women's Business Enterprise

(WBE-7) Operational Consulting business eligible to fulfill WBE(7)

goals on County contracts.

Profit Margins has a silver listing with Dun &Bradstreet.

DNB logo

Dun & Bradstreet Listing Information


Marianne Skierka

Marianne - operations management

is Profit Margins Director of Customer Service. She has 30+ years of experience in the direct mail and fulfillment business.

Her skill set includes:

    Customer Service
    • Training
    • Documentation
    • Monitoring, analysis and suggestions
    • Scripting
    • Better Business Bureau handling
    Operational consulting
    • Order processing
    • Billing descriptor evaluation and suggestions
    • Custom designed form letters

Marianne functions as Profit Margins’ "Complete Customer Care Consultant"

Jaime Lamp, CPA

Jaime Lamp, CPA

is the Director of Accounting for Profit Margins, Inc. Jaime received her CPA certification in 1998 and has 25 years of auditing and accounting experience.

Jaime specializes in saving our clients money by:

    Providing CPA-level accounting services
    • Profit/Loss statements by product offer
    • Reconciliation of shipments to billing & payments
    • QuickBooks certified consultant (including installation)
    • Tax specialist
      • Quarterly/Annual payroll tax returns
      • Corporate/Partnership/Personal income tax returns
    • General Ledger maintenance
    Recouping money that companies often leave on the table:
    • Researching and reversing chargebacks
    • Heading up our "Save the Order" project which routinely saves 70% or more of incomplete mail orders
    Auditing, analyzing client’s bills
    • Determining average cost per order
    • Recouping credits when applicable
    • Providing cost-cutting recommendations
    • Making processing recommendations from problems discovered

Jaime is the Profit Margins’ "Accounting Ace"

Debbie Kasten our cost and profit analysis "Money Maven"

Debbie Kasten-Suriano

has 20+ years of accounting experience.

Special skills include:

  • Cost accounting analysis
  • Bookkeeping including all payables and banking transactions
  • Commission calculation and reports

Debbie is the Profit Margins "Money Maven."


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